The Catholic Church in Georgia existed from XIV c. – the times of Giorgi “Brtskinvale” (“The Magnificent” reign). Pope John XXII of Rome was not only interested in religious issues, but also led a broad political activity to expand the interests of the Roman Church. For this purpose, John XXII contacted Giorgi V Brtskinvale. In the letter to King which he sent by means of the missionaries, he does not hide his admiration for Georgi’s deeds and suggested uniting the churches.
  The Pope took a good view of the growing international authority of Georgia and offered Giorgi “Brtskinvale” to turn Tbilisi into the Episcopal center. The King of Georgia transfered the Episcopal center from Smirna to Tbilisi and in 1329 he appointed John from Florence as Bishop of Tbilisi Catholics. From the historical documents, the Catholic cathedral existed in Tskhumi too (now – Sukhumi). It is unknown where the first Catholic cathedral of Tbilisi was and what happened to it. Supposedly, it must have been ruined during Timur Lang’s invasions.

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